Fiberboard MDF.E2

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) of MDF ThanhThanhDat Joint Stock Company is a kind of technical wooden planks, especially manufactured for furniture and carpentry industry.

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The uniform technical standards applied on Thanh Thanh Dat's wooden planks are consistent from the surface to the inside. And the versatility of Thanh Thanh Dat's planks allows adapting to the most complex processing machines and the most advanced techniques used to produce high-quality furniture and wooden components. handicrafts, handmade woodwork and floor covering.


The overall strength and smooth surface of Thanh Thanh Dat MDF planks make it suitable for coating to achieve a higher quality finish and provide a uniform substrate for coating. . In addition, this feature makes it easy to handle with all woodworking tools or any type of manual tool.We also manufacture wooden products with low emission standards (E1, E0, CARB). The formaldehyde content of standard MDF boards may vary depending on the properties of urea formaldehyde or other resin adhesives used as adhesives in wood. Low formaldehyde MDF boards are recommended for use in places with limited ventilation, where there are humid conditions or high ambient temperatures, or in certain parts of a building with special needs. Especially used in sheltered areas, such as a school or hospital.


The adhesives and resins used for these types of products have been developed to ensure that certain formaldehyde emissions are met, but at the same time maintain the strength of the board and the the smoothness of the board surface.


1. Product standards- European Standard BS - EN 120: E0 / E1 / E2- JIS A 1460: F * / F ** / F *** / F ****- ASTM D6007: 2002: Carb P2

2. Quality management standards ISO 9001: 2008

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Fiberboard HDF.E2

HDF stands for High Density Fiberboard. HDF stands for High Density Fiberboard. HDF fiberboard has a good soundproofing and high insulation ability so it is often used for outdoor works. HDF board has the ability to resist termites, weevils, overcome heavy disadvantages, easy to bend, buckled compared to natural wood.

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