Ways to distinguish MDF and HDF wooden boards - MDF Thanh Thanh Dat

Products made from industrial wood with advantages such as no shrinkage, warping, reasonable price, have long been selected and used by consumers to make furniture in homes and offices. rooms, hotels ... Wood industry has two outstanding product lines, such as HDF wood and MDF. Please join Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company to learn about the similarities and differences of these two types of industrial wood

The similarities between MDF boards and HDF boards

The main components of MDF and HDF are wood fibers made from plantation timber (rubber, eucalyptus, acacia, pine, rags, oak, ...), adhesive glue and some other components ( Paraffin, hardener, ...) is pressed under high temperature and pressure.

Both types of boards are often used in production and interior decoration. The surface of the plank is flat and smooth so it can easily be painted or pressed with other decorative surfaces such as veneer, Acrylic, Melamine, Laminates ...

In addition, MDF and HDF have a homogeneous structure so when cut, the edges are not chipped. The surface is much wider than natural wood so it is convenient for designing and manufacturing large-sized products without having to assemble. Because it is an industrial plywood core, MDF and HDF boards do not carve textures on surfaces like natural wood but can only create colors and patterns by pressing decorative surfaces on top.

The differences between MDF boards and HDF boards

- About density

The average density of HDF wood is heavier than MDF wood. Even the name also distinguishes this: MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard (HD Density Fiberboard) and HDF stands for High Density Fiberboard (High Density Fiberboard).

The average density of HDF boards of Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company reaches at least 810 kg / m3 or more, while MDF planks reach 700 kg / m3 or more.

- Regarding durability, resistance to moisture

The impact resistance, waterproof, heat resistance and soundproofing of HDF boards are all better than MDF boards.

At present, blue core moisture-proof MDF has overcome quite good resistance to wet weather. With the weather conditions in our country, the climate is hot and humid, high air humidity, especially in the North during the humid season, blue core moisture-proof MDF boards of Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company. suitable for storage and use.

-About the price

HDF wood is more expensive than MDF. However, HDF boards with durability and the ability to easily paint or squeeze other decorative surfaces such as veneer, Acrylic, Melamine, Laminates than MDF boards, HDF boards are worth considering.

- Application in construction

MDF board is used in the production of furniture for tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, shelves, doors ... In the construction of household furniture such as kitchen cabinets, or places with high humidity, MDF boards with moisture-proof core Blue is used more and more widely, increasing the use time for furniture.

In addition to the aforementioned interior applications, HDF boards are also used as flooring, staircase cladding due to its good loading and scratching resistance and for making exterior furniture.