Is MDF really good? - MDF Thanh Thanh Dat

For those who have learned about industrial wood, it is impossible not to know MDF. However, MDF is good? Is it really durable or not, not everyone knows it. To help you make the best choice for your furniture, Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company will send you readers to know more about MDF wood below.

Is MDF wood good or not?

In order to assess whether MDF wood is good or not, we need to know what it is, and how it is.

MDF is a medium density fiberboard wood, this is an industrial wood manufactured from natural wood, wood chips, short-term timbers like acacia, rubber, eucalyptus ...

To make MDF, the above-mentioned wood materials will be washed, pulverized and then mixed with adhesive glue, additives and hydraulic press, forming wooden planks of various sizes. standard.

So is MDF wood good? It can be said that this wood is of good quality, highly appreciated by many people with the following advantages:

➡️MDF wood is not easily scratched

➡️Moisture-proof blue core MDF has good moisture resistance, suitable for low humidity locations

➡️MDF wood has high rigidity, good bearing capacity, no warping or shrinkage due to weather conditions.

➡️ MDF wood easily paints other materials on the surface

➡️ Construction of MDF quickly, cost savings

➡️ MDF is resistant to termites, which is caused by industrial wood that uses additives to prevent termites.

➡️The durability of MDF can be more than 10 years, even more than 20 years if properly used and stored.

Besides the above advantages, there are also some limitations of MDF such as not being durable as natural wood or not being able to make carved patterns similar to natural wood. However, if the purpose of use is to make a door, a closet ... then MDF is a perfectly reasonable choice.

Which MDF and MFC wood is better?

If you are wondering which MFC and MDF are better, you can compare these two types of wood against each other, comparing based on some specific standards. However, the most important thing is that you need to determine what the purpose of using wood is, requiring the use of high or low durability wood.

According to longtime furniture professionals, MDF has better quality than MFC wood. The reason is that MDF is powdered wood, while MFC is particle board. Particle board has low molecular density, has more gaps between wood fibers, so the ability to resist force will be lower than MDF.

MFC wood is also available in regular and moisture resistant grades such as MDF. However, according to the preliminary assessment, the better quality wood is MDF wood of Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company, this is a great material and is currently the leading popularity in the furniture market.