Eco-friendly and protect the enviroment - one of the operating guidelines of Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company

In recent years, there has been a trend of using industrial wood instead of natural wood because it brings beautiful products, low prices, but also contributes to reducing deforestation and protecting the environment. Grasping that trend, MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company has been striving to become the leading unit in the country in manufacturing MDF, HDF industrial furniture.

Why does MDF wood contribute to environmental protection?

Before the introduction of industrial wood, people used natural wood in interior design because of the certainty and availability of this product. However, the serious consequences of this are illegal and illegal exploitation of forest natural resources, destroying the natural environment, leading to serious climate change.

Furniture industry is the result of science and technology in the production of wood furniture, in order to limit the disadvantages of natural wood, but also bring many great advantages. In particular, MDF furniture is widely applied and popular in the interior decoration world. MDF is made from planted wood, mainly with short growth duration. These trees, after being harvested, are brought to the factory, put into the presses and pulverized, then made into sheets with a standard size of 1.2mx2.4m with a thickness of 2.5-25mm.



MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company aims at an environmental protection wood production industry

MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company has been striving to become a leading unit in the industry of MDF, HDF. With the courage to be different, the strong creativity and sophistication in the vision and action, Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company pioneered to open new, practical values ​​and unique ideas creating own brand. At the same time, with the primary goal of aiming at the friendly wood production industry and protecting the environment, we are committed to creating products that both meet the needs and tastes of our customers, while being safe. safety, protection of forests and global living environment.



MDF is produced from industrial forest wood, has a short growth time and can regenerate production, does not affect primary forests, harming the "green lung of the Earth".

Since 2018, MDF Wood Joint Stock Company has supported hundreds of thousands of high quality acacia seedlings for people in Vu Quang, Huong Son and Huong Khe districts. In addition, in order to support forest growers, step by step build a link in production, MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company has expanded the linkages, built models of intensive afforestation and propagation. High quality in Ky Anh and full consumption of plantation timber collapsed due to natural disasters.



Up to now, Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company has gradually accomplished its goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the industry of wood industry, aiming at the ideal of beauty and humanity. creating jobs for people in the province, contributing to protecting precious and rare forest resources