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HDF wood board is a material that many people prefer because of its useful properties, better than other types of industrial wood. Here, MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company would like to send you the 4 most useful information. About HDF wood below the following article.

What is HDF wood board?

HDF stands for High Density Fireboard, which means high density fiberboard. HDF is an industrial wood made up of 80-85% of natural wood, the rest is additives that increase the hardness and adhesion of wood.

As for the wood core, HDF's wood core can be white or blue depending on the input material. It is noted that the quality of the core does not depend on the color of the core. Most HDF wooden boards use E1 standard, this can be said to be a standard that ensures the wooden core has enough hardness, durability, and is completely derived from nature, not harmful to user health.

Uses of HDF wood

HDF wood is used for indoor and outdoor furniture such as wall panels, room partitions, doors, ...

With moisture-proof technology and good resistance to termites, HDF wood is also widely used as a raw material for producing laminate flooring (laminate flooring).

Besides, HDF wood is also used to make doors. Some countries such as the US, Japan, and South Korea have chosen HDF wood to make room doors in industrial and civil projects. Currently, this trend is also developing in Vietnam.

How to choose HDF wood?

🔶 When selecting HDF wood, customers should base on their intended use.

🔶 If used as household furniture, customers can use HDF regular wood planks.

🔶 Pan HDF is preferred to use in projects requiring high sound insulation such as theaters, meeting rooms ...

🔶 However, for kitchen cabinets, wooden cabinets in the toilet, you should use moisture-proof wooden HDF board to be able to keep the product more durable

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