3 types of popular industrial wooden boards - MDF Thanh Thanh Dat

In the Vietnamese market, there are 3 types of industrial wood that dominate the quality and quantity, such as MDF, HDF and MCF. Below, let Thanh Thanh Dat introduce 3 common types of industrial wood specifically.


MFC wood industry

MDF wooden planks

HDF wooden planks

MFC laminate is fully written as Melamine Faced Chipboard. It is produced from plantation timber. Some plants are grown to produce MFC wood such as rubber, eucalyptus, acacia…. These plants are harvested short-term, do not need to be too big or old like natural wood. People chopped this harvested wood into wood chips, then combined with glue, pressed to create thickness.

Surface finishing can use PVC coated up or wood print paper to create beauty, then coated finishing surface to protect against moisture and scratches.

MFC is currently widely used in wooden furniture such as beds, partitions, wardrobes, etc.

MDF stands for “Medium Density Fiberboard, which means medium density fiberboard. But in fact, MDF is the common name for three types of fiberboard plywood with medium density and high density (hardboard). To distinguish these categories from each other, one relies on physical and mechanical parameters, thickness parameters, and surface treatment of wooden boards.

In terms of composition, MDF is actually made from fragments, branches ... of natural wood. The wood is naturally cut, then crushed by a machine that forms cellulose wood fibers. Next, these wood fibers are put into the sink to wash away the remaining plastic impurities and minerals. And finally, they are put into a mixer with specialized glue and adhesives to compress into whole sheets.

MDF is widely used in industrial wood furniture for apartments or offices. Along with reasonable prices, unique designs, and relative quality, MDF boards have the ability to replace natural wood in common furniture.

HDF stands for High Density Fireboard, HDF is an industrial wood made up of 80-85% natural wood, the rest is additives that increase the hardness and adhesion of the wood.

HDF wood is produced according to the following process: raw wood pulp material is taken from natural wood from the monolithic forest, then boiled and dried in high-temperature environment, from 1000C to 2000C. In the process, the wood is completely cured and dried out. With modern processing lines and complete technology, the wood is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and has fast processing times. The wood pulp is treated, combined with additives to increase the hardness of the wood, anti-termite, then pressed under high pressure and shaped into a 2mm x 2.4 mm sheet, with a thickness of from 6 - 24 mm depending on requirements.

HDF wood planks after surface treatment will be transferred to the cutting line to the shape designed, rolled wood grain and surface coating, the surface coating is usually made of Melamine Resin. suitable with fiberglass to create a transparent coating, keeping the color and wood grain always stable, protecting the surface.

HDF wood board is a revolutionary breakthrough in wood production and processing. HDF is widely used as flooring and doors. Doors made of HDF material have become the standard of the room door in industrial and civil constructions in advanced countries such as the US, South Korea, Japan ... and especially have been gradually developing strongly in Vietnam.

MFC wood industry

 MDF wooden planks


Hopefully this article has helped you understand more about the 3 common types of industrial wood today and have a reasonable choice for your interior! Refer to the wooden products of Thanh Thanh Dat Wood Joint Stock Company here!